Good bye to Dr Syed


After twelve years of dedicated service, Dr. Syed is bidding farewell to Grovehurst Surgery. Her journey at the practice has been one of growth, learning, and compassionate care for her patients.

The countless lives she has touched, the challenges she has overcome, and the camaraderie she’s shared with her colleagues at Grovehurst have made it more than just a workplace; it's been like a second home, a place she has dedicated to the patients of Grovehurst.

However, Dr. Syed is opening a new chapter of her life. The decision to retire stems not from a lack of love for her profession but from the practicality of distance, as she has recently moved away from the area. The daily commute has become tiresome, and she wants to spend more time with her loved ones, free from the constraints of long journeys.

Dr Syed’s departure marks the end of an era at Grovehurst, but her spirit will linger on. Her colleagues would like to wish her a happy and healthy retirement and thank her for her dedication and support of the practice's patients and staff.


Published: May 17, 2024